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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is one of the greatest people of all
time. She spent her entire life serving others. She did
not worry about her own personal needs. She would rather
live in poverty and help poor people than be wealthy and
help no one. Mother Teresa lived in self caused poverty
because she felt that was her call.
Mother Teresa was born into a wealthy family in
Belgium. People who knew her at an early age described her
as a goody-goody. Mother even taught her parents to be
people. Mother Teresas father owned a construction
business and therefore her family was affluent. But this
all changed when her father died at the age of 42. Her
family became extremely poor. At the age of 18, Mother
Teresa left her family and went to India. Mother Teresa
never saw her family again. While in India, Mother Teresa
joined the Loretta congregation. Since she was well
educated, she taught Geography to her sisters. After 20
years in the Loretta congregation, she left to help the poor
and the sick. She felt that this was her call.
Mother Teresa at an early age was accustomed to seeing
many different types of people. She probably ran into many
impoverished people. This is where she got her call.
India at the time of Mother Teresa was in chaos.
Gandhi had just been assasinated and the country was in a
state of civil war. Many people who had already been
extremely poor became desditute. They had no means to take
care of themselves. They needed help and they needed it
bad. Mother Teresa felt that it was her vocation to help
these people. She was the only person who tried to do
anything about their impoverishment.
Mother Teresa did most of her work in Calcutta, India.

It was a somewhat modern city with many rich people in it,
but the majority of the population was dirt poor.